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Future Climate

By 2050, London's climate will resemble Barcelona's, and Madrid's climate will be similar to Marrakesh's.

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Climate Simulator

A groundbreaking educational tool designed to bring complex climate scenarios to life in the classroom.

This state-of-the-art simulator enables students to actively cultivate plants under various simulated climatic conditions, providing an immersive and hands-on approach to learning about the environment.

Ideal for educational institutions looking to integrate real-world applications into their curriculum, POWAR makes the abstract concepts of climate change tangible and understandable for students of all ages.

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Climate Education

By simulating different environmental conditions, this tool allows educators to illustrate the direct effects of climate change on plant life and ecosystems.

It supports a comprehensive curriculum that aligns with national education standards and Europe's green competencies, making it an invaluable resource for teaching complex sustainability topics and fostering a deeper understanding of global environmental challenges.

POWAR is dedicated to transforming environmental education through dynamic and interactive learning experiences

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Live Simulation

The POWAR Climate Simulator operates through a sophisticated combination of hardware and software.

The hardware component replicates various climatic conditions such as temperature variations, humidity levels, and different light intensities, allowing for precise control over environmental variables.

Meanwhile, the accompanying software provides an intuitive platform for educators and students to set parameters, monitor growth conditions, and analyze results in real time, thereby enhancing the learning process with actionable insights.

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Experimental Data Generation

One of the most powerful features of the POWAR Climate Simulator is its data collection capabilities. As students conduct experiments by growing plants under different conditions, the system captures detailed data on how these conditions affect plant health and growth.

This data can be aggregated and analyzed to draw meaningful conclusions about the impact of climate variables on living organisms. Educators can use this information to guide further experiments, making POWAR an essential tool for continuous learning and research in climate education.

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