STEAM tools
and methodologies
for climate education


of the youth

can barely explain
climate change

of teachers

think is important to teach environmental education

of teachers

feel prepared to teach
about climate change

Products and Services

POWAR Climate Simulator
The Future
Climate Simulator

Discover the POWAR Climate Simulator, a revolutionary tool that simulates diverse climatic conditions, allowing students to experiment with plant growth in future environmental scenarios. This immersive simulator makes climate education interactive and engaging, ideal for fostering a deep understanding of global climate impacts in STEAM programs.

P-Bit Sensors Kit
Sensor Kit

Designed to ignite curiosity and encourage hands-on exploration of environmental factors. By gathering real-time data on air quality, temperature, and more, students can conduct citizen science projects and see ecological principles in action. P-Bit is perfect for classrooms looking to integrate practical STEAM experiments into their curriculum.

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Environmental STEAM Education
Teacher Training

Enhance your teaching with our Climate STEAM Education: Teacher Training program. This course prepares educators to integrate emerging technologies like programming, electronics, sensors, 3D printing, and Virtual Reality into climate education. Focused on practical applications, our training enables teachers to deliver engaging and effective STEAM lessons that equip students to tackle environmental challenges.

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Pioneering the future of climate education with innovative easy to implement STEAM tools and methodologies, designed to transform how we understand and interact with our planet.

Our Ed-Tech research studio develops interactive educational experiences that align with the national curriculum and Europe’s green competencies, blending technology, art, and science to make environmental education impactful and accessible.

Explore how our tools empower students, educators, and communities to become proactive environmental stewards, actively shaping a sustainable future.

The Climate Simulator

Our forefront cutting-edge educational tool that brings climate scenarios to life, is uniquely designed for impactful climate education. This simulator allows students to cultivate plants under various climatic conditions, providing a vivid, hands-on understanding of how different environments affect ecosystems. Ideal for integration into STEM curricula, it enriches learning by enabling students to explore and analyze the tangible effects of climate change.

Empower the next generation with the skills to address environmental challenges through experiential learning with our state-of-the-art simulator.

Climate Simulator
P-Bit Sensors Kit
Discover The P-Bit!

POWAR’s innovative environmental sensor kit, designed to revolutionize how students engage with and learn about their surrounding environment. This compact and versatile tool allows learners to collect real-time data on various environmental parameters, including temperature, humidity, air quality, light, sound, and soil moisture. P-Bit is incredibly user-friendly and effortlessly integrates into existing curricula, making it easy for teachers to enliven complex or traditionally less engaging subjects.

Ideal for STEM education, it enhances students' understanding of ecological dynamics by providing concrete, actionable insights. With the capability to develop infinite learning scenarios across all educational levels and subjects, P-Bit encourages curiosity and scientific inquiry, helping students transform data into meaningful environmental actions.

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Why we do it?

The world we live in is full of inequality, and social, cultural, and gender differences that can be mitigated through education. Therefore we seek solutions to improve the quality of education in urban and rural areas through non-colonializing planet-centered technologies, for a more sustainable future.

We want to train citizens to become change-makers, that's why we design problem-based methodologies and objects to promote innovation and creativity in students while fostering other skills for the 21st century.

We investigate the role of education as a tool to strengthen societies towards a more sustainable world, in which innovation and creativity are skills that help communities become more resilient in different areas such as climate change and food security.

Climate Education Facts

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The earth’s average global temperature
has risen by 1°c with most of the warming occurring in the past 35 years

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Around half of the 100 countries reviewed
had no mention of climate change in their national curriculum, UNESCO findings reveal

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While 95% of surveyed primary and secondary teachers felt that teaching climate change is important, less than 30% expressed a readiness to teach it.

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70% of young people cannot explain climate change or can only explain its broad principles or do not know anything about it.

Our Believes


We believe that sustainability and regeneration is the only way to guarantee the existence of the human race in the long term, that is why we believe that design should not focus only on the human, but on the planet as a system in which we all coexist.


We believe that the role of education, beyond memorizing information as it is traditionally done, is to teach how to analyze and understand information to such an extent that something new can be created with that knowledge. That's why we research new models of education that can better prepare people for the challenges of the 21st century.


We believe that learning new emerging technologies coupled with the preservation of ancestral knowledge can help people become more resilient to climate change and other adversities. But this technology must be taught in a non-colonizing way, taking into account the ancestral knowledge of each community and respecting socio-cultural differences.


We believe in the power of creativity as a tool that we must foster in people so that they can be more resilient to the problems that affect them. We believe in collaborative creativity, and that members of a community have the solution to the problems that affect them, but they need empowerment to develop them.

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Evolved Bloom Taxonomy

The education of the last century considered the memorization of knowledge as the most important, but new theories suggest that the highest level in knowledge is creation, when after understanding information and analyzing it critically you can create something new with it.

That's why we focus our methodologies, workshops and projects on teaching skills with which people can create new things from knowledge mixed with their experience.

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United Nations
SDGs for 2030

We try to align everything we do to support the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 in different ways, even dough our primary focus is in food security, climate action and natural resources.

We believe that by transmitting knowledge among people we could empower communities with skills and tools that help them to address some of the issues that affect their community towards a more equitable future.

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We empower changemakers with knowledge, skills, and tools
for them to build a planet-centered future.

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